Executive Mercedes Sprinter

Executive Mercedes Sprinter Van

Executive Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes the company that invented the car. The three pointed start for most people is a symbol of pride, a symbol that shows the world that you are an important entity in the executive world. Travel in the Executive Mercedes Sprinter luxury van and enjoy the utmost luxury during your commute to the official meeting with collogues or just a casual visit to the work site. Executive Mercedes is made with a blend of craftmanship and German engineering making it a highly luxury sprinter van designed for work focused trips.

We here at the Royal Executive Limo understand the importance some events may hold for you. Often people ignore what importance a transport vehicle may hold in your life, ranging from just an ordinary run to the kids’ school drop-offs or daily commute to the office to wedding arrival, celebration or a private trip. Your transport plays an important role in shaping up your mental and physical health over the years. Everyone hates being stuck at rush hours, this may impact your physical ability to perform all day making you tired and less productive. Weather its an official business trip or just a night out with friends and family, let us take care of how to get to your destination. Taking care of your comfort and providing a stress free commute to your point of arrival in absolute luxury. Call us and book your next trip to the office or a private party.


  • Luxury Vehicle
  • Climate control
  • Free WiFi
  • Heated seats
  • Sweets & Drinks
  • Audio system

Service Offered:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Point to point
  • Dedicated Chauffeur Service
  • Corporate travels
  • Business Events
  • Day / Night Tour

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