Best way to Travel from LGA to JFK Airport

Airplane traveling from LGA to JFK airport

Traveling from LGA to JFK isn’t a challenging task as both of these are in New York City. Both these airports are among the state’s most popular airports, with more than a hundred daily flights landing and taking off. Also, these are just 10 miles apart, making it easy to travel from one to another. And in this blog, we will discuss how to get from LGA to JFK airport. But our main goal would be to give you the best possible option for the trip.

How You Can Get From LGA to JFK Airport

Traveling from LaGuardia Airport (LGA) to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York City can be done by several modes of transportation. Here’s an overview of two obvious transportation choices that most people make:

  1. Taxi: Taxis are available at LGA and can take you to JFK, but it can be a costly option. The travel time is around 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic.
  2. Public transportation: You can take the MTA bus or subway from LGA to JFK, but it will require a few transfers and can be time-consuming. You must take the Q70 SBS bus from LGA to Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave subway station, then transfer to the E train to Jamaica Station. From Jamaica Station, take the AirTrain JFK to JFK airport. The total travel time is 1-2 hours, depending on transfer wait times.

Overall, the quickest and most convenient option among these is taking a taxi. And taking public transportation or a shuttle service is a viable option if you’re on a budget. But there is an excellent alternative to these standard services that has everything you might need, which we will talk about next.

Best Way to Travel From LGA to JFK Airport

There are a few ways to travel from LGA to JFK, but none of these provides the ideal transportation service. So, which mode is ideal? What is the most convenient way to get from LGA to JFK? The answer is airport limo service. Why? Following are some of the reasons which compel a person to opt for an airport limo service rather than others.

Luxury Vehicles

A limo service is the opposite of local and public transportation, where you get a standard vehicle with no special features. Limo service gives people the chance to ride in the utmost luxury in a fleet of different limousines. The windows are tinted, the seats are plush, and the amenities that you get within say it all. With a luxury vehicle, you will be able to get a stylish ride with all the amenities that you can desire. Also, limo services offer more than just the physical comfort of a limousine. It also offers convenience and professionalism that you can’t get with any other form of transportation.

Door-to-Door Service

The difference between limo services is that they provide door-to-door service. Here, you might be thinking that door-to-door service isn’tisn’t a thing to make a fuss about. Well, it is. When you have a luxurious vehicle standing outside waiting for you, it’s a whole different feeling. You don’t get to travel in such vehicles and with such services every day. Having door-to-door service from a limousine makes things more appealing and compelling. That’sThat’s why you should hire a limo service for their complimentary services like; door-to-door service, chauffeured transportation, luxurious fleets and many more.

Chauffeur Transportation

Chauffeur transportation is another great feature offered by limo services. Unlike ride-sharing transportation, chauffeured transport gives you the luxury of traveling in your own privacy. The drivers are all highly experienced and very professional, ensured by the service itself. Also, they are familiar with the ins and outs of the city as they have been driving passengers to and from LGA to JFK for years. With all that, a executive limo is an ultimate solution for your transportation needs.


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